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No food or drink allowed in the cabin.

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Yeosu Cable Car offer you the safe yet thrilling experience, with the first ever gondola to operate over seawater in Korea.

Yeosu Cablecar is one of the major tourism contents that connects the distance of 1.5 km between Dolsan Island and Jasan Island over the beautiful sea in famous port city called Yeosu. You can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of southern seaside and sky, the scenery of fantastic nightscape around old seaport in Yeosu while the gondola trip you will have.



Discounts for men of national merit (Certificate of national merit), people with disabilities (Certificate of disability),
senior citizens(Aged 65 or above with identification),
and children (Medical insurancedocument or identification that certifies youth) will only apply when the corresponding certificates are presented.
(2,000 KRW OFF)

Toddlers : Age below 3 years old / Child : 4 – 13 years old / Adult : 14 – 64 years old / Senior Citizens : Above 65 years old.
Yeosu Cable Car classify 20 or more people as a group. Toddlers (0~35 monthes) are admitted free.

Standard (8seats)

Types Round Trip One Way
Adult 15‚000KRW 12‚000KRW
Child 11‚000KRW 8‚000KRW

(senior citizen, man of national merit, disabled person with a guardian included)

Types Round Trip One Way
Adult 13‚000KRW 10‚000KRW
Child 9‚000KRW 7‚000KRW

Yeosu Citizens

Types Round Trip One Way
Adult 11‚000KRW 9‚000KRW
Child 8‚000KRW 6‚000KRW
Crystal (6seats)

Types Round Trip One Way
Adult 22‚000KRW 17‚000KRW
Child 17‚000KRW 12‚000KRW

Yeosu Citizens

Types Round Trip One way
Adult 18‚000KRW 14‚000KRW
Child 14‚000KRW 11‚000KRW
Fantasy New World

A small museum about Yeosu with various art pieces, such as wall paintings and media installations.
Package A
(Standard + Fantasy New World)

Types Round Trip One way
Adult 20‚000KRW 17‚000KRW
Child 16‚000KRW 13‚000KRW

Package B
(Crystal + Fantasy New World)

Types Round Trip One way
Adult 27‚000KRW 22‚000KRW
Child 22‚000KRW 17‚000KRW

Fantasy New World

With Cablecar Ticket 5‚000KRW
Fantasy New World Only 8‚000KRW
Premium Ticket


Express Pass with free admission of Fantasy New World


Dolsan Station: 3600-1 Dolsan-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do.
Yeosu Municipal Public Parking Tower: 116 Odongdo-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do.

Yeosu, the center of marine tourism in Korea

Introduce 10 local dishes and 10 sightseeing places in Yeosu.